How Comedy Got Its Groove Back With ‘Game Night’

By Olivia Norwood, Edited by Anthony Peyton

Production companies are constantly pushing out their yearly quota of comedy films so it’s become easier for the beloved genre to lose its quality. In 2018, comedy got its groove back with the well crafted and star studded ‘Game Night’.

Directed by Jonathan Goldstein and ‘Freaks and Geeks’ star John Francis Daley, the film follows three couples on their regular Friday game night. This, predictably, is disrupted when outsider Brooks (Kyle Chandler) decides to crash the party and fuel the ongoing game night competition with his brother Max (Jason Bateman). He inevitably creates trouble when his murder mystery game turns into his own kidnapping which leads the rest of the gang on a goose chase around the city to find him.

What this film does so well is bringing the audience on the many intricate and wild adventures that the characters go through while never becoming too complicated or messy. There are plot twists, tons of smart humor, and unique characters that we begin to love and root for as each one finds a unique solution to every new problem.

There’s the dorky couple (Bateman and Rachel McAdams), the bickering couple (Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury), and the “opposites attract” couple (Billy Magnussen and Sharon Horgan) along with the creepy-but-means-well neighbor (Jesse Plemons). Each character has their own side issues going on that seem minute compared to the life threatening game of gangs, kidnapping, and murder that they are oblivious to.

How could any of this be seen as funny when they could potentially die? Well, it’s comedy. In the world of comedy we take nothing seriously. One character is shot in the arm and because of the great writing, directing, and performances, there is only abrupt laughter and the occasional crying from laughing too hard. This is what an audience goer wants to see in a comedy. Many films resort to lame jokes, farce humor, and an overdone story instead of the clever and comedic strategies of films such as ‘We’re The Millers’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’.

We’re looking at you, ‘Rough Night’.

With a number of other comedies on their way to the silver screen, ‘Game Night’ proves that they don’t have to stick to a certain formula and that it can be smart and interesting while being genuinely funny.

My Rating: 93.7%

Acting: 4/4

Cinematography: 3/4

Story: 4/4

Enjoyability: 4/4


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