Confidence is Sexy in ‘I Feel Pretty’

By Julia Wilson, Edited by Anthony Peyton

Amy Schumer, the comedian we all know and hate, has made another movie. Except this time, instead of trying to get by on outrageous jokes that no one’s laughing at, this film has a message. The message that anyone can be beautiful if they could just see themselves as so.

I Feel Pretty follows Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer), your typical girl who lacks confidence and compares herself to everyone around her. Renee’s lack of confidence in her appearance affects every aspect of her life, including holding her back from her dream job and having any kind of love life. That is until she falls off her bike at SoulCycle, hits her head, and then magically sees herself as the most beautiful girl in the world, even though her appearance hasn’t changed a bit.

I actually don’t hate Amy Schumer as much as everyone else (despite my opening line) and went into this movie really wanting to love it. I did love the message and what they were going for with this one, but it just fell short on execution.

Although there were some pretty funny parts of this movie, I didn’t really find myself dying from laughter like I was during other comedies that have come out this year like Blockers and Game Night. I think the premise of this movie was a lot funnier than the actual lines and comedic timing of the actors.

Also, the story lagged a little bit. There were just points where it got a little too absurd for me. There was also a weird 15 minutes of the movie where Renee started acting very rude to all of her friends and almost cheated on her lovable boyfriend Ethan (Rory Scovel) because she was so full of herself. This just seemed counterintuitive to the message they were trying to send with the film.

Speaking of the message of the film, that was my favorite part of it. The whole idea that all you need to be beautiful is to have confidence in yourself is a very important message to be sending to girls of all ages. I also noticed that unlike pretty much every other thing Schumer has done, there was no vulgarity or nudity in this film giving it a PG-13 rating. I loved this because that meant that girls of all ages could go see this film.

The other thing I loved about this film was the satirical element of it. It uses the classic story of a girl with no confidence who magically becomes beautiful, loses that magic and returns to her old self, but then realizes she can have a great life no matter what she looks like. Except in this film Schumer’s character’s appearance does not change and it’s all in her head. This relays a message not that your life can be great even if you’re ugly, but instead that you have control over how you perceive yourself and your own personal beauty.

The satire is also very well played out in Schumer’s acting where she is clearly intentionally trying to be over the top to show how ridiculous of a notion it is that you can magically become beautiful and all your problems will be solved. This shows that it takes self reflection and acceptance to improve issues related to your self esteem.

This film supplies women with a very powerful message that shows that you are in control of your beauty and your own self perception. I just wish it was executed a little bit better.

My Rating: 72%

Acting: 2.8/4

Cinematography: 2.5/4

Story: 2.9/4

Enjoyability: 3.3/4



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