‘Super Troopers 2’: The Worst Comedy of 2018

By Olivia Norwood, Edited by Julia Wilson

Last night, I saw Super Troopers 2. I hadn’t seen the first Super Troopers and probably never will because of how unfunny the sequel was.

Let’s start off with the story, which had a lot of potential to be hilarious. It follows a group of former highway patrol officers from Vermont who are invited back to the force when a French speaking town in Canada faces a transition to US sovereignty.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There were parts of the movie that definitely worked such as the massive stereotypes of Americans and French-Canadians. My favorite parts were when the Canadians themselves talk about “moose fucking” or any type of animal sex. There were also times when they’d roast Americans on how fat and disgusting they are even if it was a fat Canadian making the joke.

But, the offensive comedy only made up 20 percent of the film because most of it consisted of dick jokes. Actually, the entire film was a 6” long dick joke. For instance, it shows a group of cops handcuffing the rookie cop so they can shave his balls (which is just weird). It went so far as to showing Rob Lowe casually touching and playing with a prostitute’s penis in the middle of a conversation.

In short, the writers love dicks.

But, the truly terrible lies in the writing of the jokes and the serving of the lines by the actors.

Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar (who also plays female sex enhancer addict, Thorny) and written by Broken Lizard (the main cast in Super Troopers), the film shows how some people just aren’t as good as they used to be. Either Chandrasekhar is not good at directing, or the guys at Broken Lizard have lost their edge in comedy writing and performance. There were many moments while watching it where the audience just sat in awkward silence because of a bad joke or just plain bad acting.

And I get it, it’s not supposed to be superb in acting, but it takes a good comedic actor to deliver their lines to make people laugh. Super Troopers 2 was a comedy and with that in mind, the audience expects it to make them laugh most of the time. Instead, I found myself confused and cringing over the many times they failed to do that.

With that being said, I feel like I’ve made my argument pretty clear on how unfunny this movie was. Maybe I have a bad sense of humor (not likely) or maybe it’s just not my type of humor but overall, Super Troopers 2 just wasn’t what I expected it to be and lacked what it was supposed to have.

My Rating: 46%

Acting: 1/4

Cinematography: 2/4

Story: 2.5/4

Enjoyability: 2/4


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