Why Does This Exist?: A Review of ‘The Week Of’

By Julia Wilson, Edited by Anthony Peyton

The Week Of is one of the latest Netflix original movies. It follows two families as they gear up for a wedding. The father of the bride, Kenny Lustig (Adam Sandler), insists on paying for the wedding despite the rich father of the groom, Kirby Cordice’s (Chris Rock) offerings. Of course tons of antics follow as Kenny’s cheap wedding plans start to fall through.

Where do I even start with a movie this bad? Honestly, this was one of those movies that is just hard to watch because it’s so bad. It was also pretty sad to watch two once great comedians, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, fall completely flat on their faces. I mean, seriously, how do you go from the masterpiece that is 50 First Dates to the actual piece of trash that is The Week Of?

Going into this movie I didn’t really expect a lot from the story. Most of Sandler and Rock’s stuff nowadays tends to have quite the absurd storyline. But usually you can get a few laughs out of it. Well that was not the case with The Week Of.

The acting and comedic timing in this movie were just absolutely atrocious. I really did expect more from such seasoned comedians. Every attempt at a joke just left me cringing, and the movie really tried to rely on the ridiculous events along the storyline for its comedy. However, since those events were also quite cringeworthy and didn’t even make sense it just didn’t work.

Probably the worst part of this movie was it felt so formulaic. These big wacky family comedies always follow the same format. There is some tension, a bunch of crazy stuff happens, but hey in the end everything is all perfect and they’re closer than ever. Because that’s how real life works.

I grew up watching Adam Sandler. He was my favorite actor when I was a kid. To see him just churn out such a formulaic travesty of a comedy (if you can even call it that) is quite disheartening.

Unless you are looking for two hours of cringing while you watch one ridiculous plot point after another with completely awful acting from many seasoned actors, I highly recommend you do not watch The Week Of.

My Rating: 19%

Acting: 0.5/4

Cinematography: 1/4

Story: 0.5/4

Enjoyability: 1/4



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