‘Overboard’ Didn’t Need To Be Remade

By Julia Wilson, Edited by Anthony Peyton

Every time there’s another bad remake I wonder whether the world has lost its creativity or just become lazy. Personally, I think it’s a combination of both.

The original Overboard came out in 1987 and starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. This new one stars Anna Faris as Kate Sullivan and Eugenio Derbez as Leonardo Montenegro.

In the new film Leonardo is a self-centered and incredibly wealthy man, and Kate is a mother of three working two jobs and studying to become a nurse. Kate is hired to clean the carpets on Leonardo’s yacht, but he fires her and throws her cleaning equipment into the water. Leonardo then falls overboard his yacht and washes up on shore with amnesia. When Kate sees this she pretends to be his wife and puts him to work, by making him help her out around the house and work construction to pay her back and to get revenge on him.

This film does a couple of things different from the original. First, it’s a gender swap as in the original Goldie Hawn was the rich one with amnesia and Kurt Russell was the one tricking her. The other difference with this film is it is framed as being like a telenovela.

Now, I’m not always against remakes. In the case of It, which had never had a theatrical release, and Ghostbusters, where the gender swap really provided an interesting element, I was all for the remake. But Overboard just really didn’t warrant being remade.

Honestly, this film just wasn’t funny to me. It seemed like it was relying on the absurdity of its premise for most of its humor. However, every time the story got more and more ridiculous I found myself rolling my eyes a lot more than laughing.

However, although the story was absolutely ridiculous, the way they framed it as a telenovela did work well and had me excusing some of the absurdity of it.

The acting performances were not stellar. They weren’t terrible but they lacked well done comedic timing which is what this film really needed if it was going to rely on its premise for all of its humor.

Overall, there really was no reason to remake this film. The original was fine as it was, and the story isn’t interesting enough to be told again, but just in a slightly different way.

My Rating: 53%

Acting: 2/4

Cinematography: 1.7/4

Story: 1.9/4

Enjoyability: 2.8/4



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