‘Bad Samaritan’ is Predictable yet Terrifying

By Olivia Norwood, Edited by Therese Gardner

Have you ever seen a film and wondered “how did the writers come up with this story?”. Well, that’s the big question in the new thriller/ horror Bad Samaritan.

Starring Doctor Who’s, David Tennant, and Irishman Robert Sheehan, the film follows a young thief, Sean (Sheehan), who discovers a chained-up girl in the home he broke into. He then goes down the reckless path of trying to save her while dodging her manipulative kidnapper, Cale (Tennant).

Now, this film had its moments. There were plenty of times where I was expecting something to happen and a second later, it would. It has the typical features from other successful (enough) thrillers and horror films – jumpscares, dark alleys, and the killer behind the protagonist scare. It’s predictable.

But can predictability still make you flinch? Yes.

Which is what made the film work because when something expected happens, the real scare comes after.

I cannot tell you how many times I covered my ears and eyes and actually jumped out of my seat because of how terrified I was. It was more than I usually do in a regular horror movie (and I’m not easily scared by those). The fact that Bad Samaritan did that to me is remarkable.

David Tennant has come a long way from playing a quirky time-traveler by way of a telephone booth. He plays a true villain and adds no sympathy to his character’s story. He’s not only a murderous psychopath, but also a major asshole. He single handedly ruins the lives of anyone close to Sean while also ruining his credibility that causes the police department to not listen to a word he says.

But I guess that’s what made the hero-villain dynamic so pleasing to watch. There’s a distinction between the two instead of making the bad guy not seem so bad at heart. It gives you a chance to support the main character as he risks his life to do the right thing. What a Good Samaritan.

If you want a movie that will give you a real scare without the use of ghosts or cursed dolls, then look no further than Bad Samaritan. I promise that it will not disappoint.

My Rating: 71%

Acting: 2.5/4

Cinematography: 2.5/4

Story: 3/4

Enjoyability: 3.5/4


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