Film Forecast Friday: June 22

On Friday June 22nd we have……

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Catcher Was A Spy




Therese’s Prediction:

Without a doubt, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has the potential to be a record breaking box office hit. It has been a long awaited movie, especially after the return of Jurassic World (2015). Personally, I am quite excited for this film as I very much appreciated the return. The original Jurassic Park movies are a timeless classic that many were skeptical of recreating. However, since the remakes are not intended to replicate the original movies I think moviegoers are able to enjoy them for what they are meant to be.

Another film premiering this weekend is The Catcher Was A Spy starring Paul Rudd. Considering I am not a fan of Paul Rudd, I am not particularly looking forward to this film and will probably not be in attendance. If I plan on watching this film, it will probably be in the comfort of my own home.

Although Boundaries is filled with outstanding performers, I think it has the potential to come off as superficial and unfeeling. While it is an indie film, I don’t know how it will pan out for moviegoers.

Damsel starring Robert Pattinson seems melancholic and quirky -quite the opposite of Pattinson’s usual movie roles. It may be just what he needs to be of relevance again.

Distorted might just be another overly done paranoid thriller filled with cliches and an unoriginal storylines. It will not be a box office hit that’s for sure.

Liv’s Prediction:

This weekend, the highly anticipated Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is released and the prediction should be obvious. Just like the Star Wars franchise, this film will pull in a massive amount of people because of the previously established fanbase.

Jurassic World will definitely be the only large release this weekend as the following films are mostly indie.

The Catcher Was A Spy and Boundaries seem to be the only films that could do a decent job at the box office, overall. I don’t know much about them but they seem to be the kind of films that might appeal to average audiences.

The last two, Damsel and Distorted will likely attract the moviegoers who are more into crazier plots. Although, Damsel does seem to have a slight comedic element to it so it could draw attention from other audience types.


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