‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Proves its Worth in the Horror Genre

By Olivia Norwood, Edited by Julia Wilson

As we approach the fall season, horror movies will be releasing in an abundance. This weekend, our silver screens have been graced with the new Unfriended: Dark Web.

If you didn’t know, this film is the sequel to the 2014 Unfriended where we were introduced to a new kind of fright—the internet.

Using only the screen of a computer, Unfriended: Dark Web follows Matias (Colin Woodell) who accidentally steals the computer of a Dark Web criminal. During a game night over Skype, Matias’s closest friends begin to suffer the consequences of Matias’s actions and the worldwide ring of criminals who revel in their demise.

Considering that it is a sequel, I have to say that it was 100% better than the first film. Many would say that realistic horror is more frightening because it’s something that could actually happen, and that is exactly the case with Dark Web.

The situations that occur will scare anyone into dropping their modern life to live a tech-free, secluded life. I left the theatre completely terrified of everything, including my own phone. Not only is the technology piece bone-chilling, but so are the deaths. They’re creatively mortifying and something you’d never expect.

Writers Nelson Greaves and Stephen Susco have done a spectacular job with this film’s smart and impressive story that I was actually skeptical of, at first.

I went into it expecting a nonsense plot but, Unfriended: Dark Web turned out to be one of the best horror films of summer 2018.

My Rating: 88%

Acting: 3/4

Cinematography: 3.5/4

Story: 3.8/4

Enjoyability: 3.8/4


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