Watching Tom Cruise in ‘Mission: Impossible- Fallout’ is Life Changing

By Olivia Norwood, Edited by Julia Wilson

Another summer, another blockbuster. Or should I say, “Another Mission: Impossible”?

Although it has been 3 years since the last installment Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation, I’m still amazed by how fans still come out to see the 56 year old Tom Cruise pull off the coolest action sequences as the infamous Ethan Hunt.

This year, we are blessed with the sixth film in the series Mission: Impossible- Fallout and it’s definitely the best one yet. Hunt, along with his team of agents (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and Rebecca Ferguson) are in the time crunch of their lives as they search for stolen plutonium before it’s used for nuclear war. While this is obviously the most crucial part of the mission, Hunt is sidetracked with the CIA’s involvement, distrust toward him, and his motives.

It’s exciting, right? Not only is it absolutely thrilling but it’s also extremely stressful. So many parts go wrong as Hunt nearly misses while jumping from one building to the next which, by the way, was a mistake that ended up in the final take and gave Cruise a broken ankle.

Can we also talk about Cruise and the fact that he is 56 years old and still doing his own stunts? What does that man do to keep himself so healthy and able to pull off these intense stunts? I don’t think Cruise gets enough credit for this large bit of his resumé. He pretty much risks his life for this series and all we give him is a few million dollars? This man deserves a trillion.

Besides Tom Cruise being an overly ruthless beast, Mission: Impossible- Fallout was what anyone could expect from the series: action and entertainment. Many would say that these movies are overrated and outdated, but who else could give us our secret agent/spy fantasies and keep us entertained for 2 decades?

My Rating: 87%

Acting: 2.8/4

Cinematography: 3.5/4

Story: 3.7/4

Enjoyability: 4/4


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