Tv Talk Thursday: Orange is the New Black Season 6

By Olivia Norwood, Edited by Anthony Peyton

On the 27th of July, the long awaited sixth season of Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix.

Don’t read any further unless you want major spoilers!

Last season, we were introduced to the riot of Litchfield Penitentiary by the inmates after the death of one of their own. Taking the course of 3 days, the inmates are finally caught and taken to Maximum Security but not without escaping all kinds of torture as the death of a security guard is revealed.

Now the inmates are facing absolute hell as some are joining gangs, deflecting old foes, and pleading innocent to murder accusations. While Piper Chapman faces the usual “I’m not being treated right” act, Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson and Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov are kept in solitary for a crime they did not commit.

The inmates are also split up into three different groups: B Block, C Block, and D Block. You quickly see how different blocks are more privileged than others and instead of gangs/groups based on race, they’re based on blocks. This system breaks up the former prison families that we all knew and loved while bringing together the sworn enemies.

It’s become intriguing to see not only the inmates perspective after the riot but also the guards. We see Guard McCullough dealing with actual PTSD after being tortured and humiliated by the inmates that she was in charge of. Now she is sent back to her job scared of what could happen.

The sixth season has taken on a much larger story and, like always, has introduced more characters with complex backgrounds. Without straying away from the main plot, the real experiences and political climate of inmate treatment are heightened and exposed. It’s a story that just doesn’t seem to have any positivity – even in its sixth season. But that’s the reality of Orange is the New Black.


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