Film Forecast Friday: August 3rd

On Friday, August 3rd we have…

The Darkest Minds

Christopher Robin

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Never Goin’ Back

Liv’s Prediction:

Let’s start off with the obvious blockbusters Christopher Robin and The Spy Who Dumped Me. Being that it’s Disney, Christopher Robin will bring in most of the moviegoers this weekend while the Mila Kunis comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me will bring in the rest.

I don’t foresee The Darkest Minds doing that well but that may just be because I personally have no interest in a Hunger Games/ Stranger Things/ The Fifth Wave mockery. It seems to be a very boring plot that we’ve already seen many times before.

Lastly, the new young adult indie flick Never Goin’ Back will do great. It’s a comedy about two girl stoners, which maybe we need more of, who get into all kinds of antics on their day off. Sounds like a Ferris Bueller/ Pineapple Express mashup that I am not even mad at.


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