Top 10 Best Cult Classics

Top 10 Best Cult Classics

We all have those movies that we always go back to but then there’s those movies that everyone goes back to, creating a large following known as a ‘cult’ following.

  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Time Warp me back to the release of this movie because I can’t imagine how audiences reacted when Tim Curry came out in full drag. This musical is so good that people are performing weekly midnight showings of it in their local indie theatres.

2. Clueless

Ugh! As if we wouldn’t include the funny Cher Horrowitz and the movie that made yellow plaid a fashion statement. Clueless is amongst some of the many movies that involve girl groups, ruling the school, and quotable characters. We love this movie because it never goes out of style.

3. Mean Girls

Considered one of the best movies of all time (we may be bias), Tina Fey ingrained Mean Girls into our culture and society with iconic quotes and a clever story that even managed to become its own Broadway musical.

4. The Room

The man, the myth, the legend Tommy Wisseau wrote, directed, and starred in this cult classic. Although it didn’t start out as a hit, now there are midnight showings all over of the best worst movie of all time.

5. Jaws

Wow, scary! Big fish! Bad special effects! But people enjoy this films many attractions across the world. Now, everyone has a fear of sharks. Thanks Jaws!

6. Shaun of the Dead

With the name playing off of the horror film Dawn of the Dead, it’s basically a given that Shaun of the Dead would be the gory comedy we know it to be.

7. Fight Club

Including one of the biggest plot twists in cinema history, Fight Club continues to be a favorite for film geeks everywhere.

8. Labyrinth

David Bowie in a world of magical creatures where he rules as Jareth the Goblin King? Yes, please!

9. Heathers

Let’s be honest, Heathers was the beginning of the popular mean girl trope that we’ve seen repeated since the day it was released.

10. Pulp Fiction

We now put an end to this list with one of Quentin Tarantino’s best movies. Pulp Fiction not only makes us laugh but it’s filled with a star-studded cast that work like magic together. Along with great music and a memorable dance scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman, Tarantino really outdid himself with this one.


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