Who The Hell Are We?

We are amateur film critics who watch far too many movies than what is healthy. We speak our minds and don’t stray away from the unpopular opinions of popular entertainment.

The Basement Film Society was co-founded by the young cinephiles Anthony, the bisexual intellectual who finds his time entirely filled with Rotten Tomatoes scores and splurging on movie tickets, and Liv, the unapologetic yet lovable former Denver Film Society intern who adores celebrity men and greatest movie moment compilations.

BFS is also composed of Julia, the Glee fanatic and Simon Cowell of the team who currently resides in the OC and talks about it way too much, and Therese, the lovable Paula who does the most physical activity out of all of us and always chooses to see the good in even the worst of films.

Our podcast and movie reviews explore the good, the bad, and the weird of film.


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